1776 in 2014

Kelsey, Hillary, Jesse and Vida. Partially seen: Kate and Anthony (students in both cohorts)

Jan. 30 was the perfect moment for the growing MA in Media Entrepreneurship program.

We held a networking reception at 1776, our new SOC partner and start-up incubator downtown — in a hip, loft-like setting with eats served by a food incubator, Union Kitchen. Both cohorts of MAME students were there; we had some rock star professors; we were welcomed by Donna Harris, the 1776 co-founder; and we were thrilled that three of our Accelerator Group members could join us: Jim Brady of Digital First Media; Tom Weithman of Cit Gap Funds; and Vijay Ravindran, formerly of WaPo Labs and now of Trove.

As I said, even the food was a start-up — bite-size cupcakes, make-your-own crostinis, tasty sliders. We have 165 photos — I won’t share all — but I promise you folks were smiling in every one. This was what entrepreneurship in DC is all about: creative grad students, proud faculty members, and a city embracing the transition from a federal-only economy into one sprinkled with creative corridors. I’ll talk a lot more about this in posts to come. But for now, check out our reception.

Three of the five members of the MAME Accelerator Group (advisory board) -- Tom Weithman, Jim Brady, Vijay Ravindran.


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